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Trying to build a web or mobile app without wireframes is like trying to build a custom home without floorplans. You can try... but you will fail. Wireframing provides the visual storyboards needed to ensure that the design and functional requirements of the project are defined and as a consequence, can be executed. The documentation includes mockups, illustrating the structural arrangements, defining the contrasting elements on the screen, as well as the digital joins (relationships) between those elements.

Wireframing and Prototyping Development Services

At GlendaleBizz, we develop low- and high-fidelity wireframes, mockups, and prototypes for a wide assortment of solutions, from web-bsed and mobile apps, to custom software and database systems. Additionally, we have developed over 40,000 wireframes for projects nationwide, and we’ve written over 1 million business, functional, and algorithms across countless platforms.


We offer nearly twenty years’ experience building wireframes for SMEs, CRMs and CCFs, for U.S. and and International based companies. Our wireframing services have been provided across a wide swath of industries including residential and commercial real estate firms, manufacturing, insurance, and financial institutions, construction companies, bioscience firms, public entities, including the U.S. military, along with numerous small and mid-sized private companies in the B2b and B2c marketplace.

Work Process

Work Process

Wireframing provides one of the least understood yet greatest benefits any project can experience, which is eliminating technical uncertainty. At GlendaleBizz, our process is designed to identify user components, modules and all the essential building blocks required to create a functional and well-designed work of beauty. That is our unique differentiator. That is what makes us special to our clients. Yes, having the wireframes is essential, but the peace of mind it produced prior to the start of development, along with the thousands of dollars saves, is what allows our clients to rest easy during what is otherwise the most stressful period of any project.

Visual Roadmap

Wireframing is a visual roadmap of your project. It provides you with the overall look and feel of the web or mobile solution being designed. It also delivers the exact hierarchical structure of your project, whether it is a new company website, web-based application, mobile app, or database system.

Process Documentation

You cannot manage what you cannot measure, and you cannot build what you cannot see. It has happened more than once when a client criticizes our process as too rigid, too time-consuming and too cumbersome, but it's these same clients who praise that very same process as the single greatest driver of the project's success. It is not always fast, and it sometimes looks ugly, but in the end, our process documentation is the single biggest reason our clients come back time and time again to GlendaleBizz.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Which is the path of least resistance? Spending X number of dollars developing a technology solution that, when completed, is not what your audience wanted or needs, or spending less than X dollars creating an MVP and identifying, through user studies, user interviews and user stories, what is still needed before development, and with the new information, stage your project for a complete success? At GlendaleBizz, we choose the later -- every time.

The Right Solution

Sometimes it may seem that undergoing a rigid wireframing process is somewhat counter intuitive, but we've witnessed, with firsthand experience, the profound benefits of developing wireframes and programming elements for projects, from custom web applications, to mobile apps, to databases and even API and SDK's. When understanding the process, you will discover, like all of our clients, the true ROI this process delivers.

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A Systematic Approach

Talk is cheap. Executing a systematic approach to software development takes commitment, experience and possessing the experience necessary to understand the importance of a systematic approach to begin with. Here is why.


Goal Driven Process

It is not just about identifying your goals... it is about identifying the RIGHT goals. At GlendaleBizz, we do not just help you identify your goals, we scrutinize your goals to make sure that what is developed provides you the fastest path to a recurring revenue stream. When your solution is producing revenue, then and only then do we start thinking about "nice-to-have" features and functionality.



Is your web or mobile source code efficient? Is it engaging, effective and easy to learn? These are some of the questions you must answer... but not at the end, at the beginning. By creating and developing wireframes before beginning any source code work, you can answer these questions and make any changes before any coding begins.


The Right Architecture

The single biggest statement we hear from our clients, post wireframing, is something along the lines of "We had no idea how much more work and how many more wireframes were actually needed for this project." They say this because we do not just wireframe a project... we architect the hell out of it.


Software Validation

Terms like "End DC Review", "Unit Testing", "Alpha" and "Beta" testing might not sound like much fun, but they are the life-blood and determine whether your software project will succeed or fail. At GlendaleBizz, software validation isn't just a catch-phrase around the office, it's what we do every single day, and the reason we're able to do it so well is due, in large part, to the wireframes and components that allow the process to flow properly, and for validation to run smoothly.

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