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GlendaleBizz, based in beautiful downtown Glendale, provides custom software development solutions for small businesses across Maricopa County, as well as across the nation. We have nearly two decades of experience in building web-based, mobile, and enterprise-level software solutions for small businesses.

Software Development Company Glendale

Software development comes in many forms including web-based, mobile, database, intranet-based, to name a few, and as part of the development process, you must take into account the many facets of a project, including conceptualization, business analysis, and prototyping, along with coding, testing, and deployment.


At GlendaleBizz, we understand that customized solutions have become a norm for many small businesses, especially those that want to differentiate themself from the competitors. Enterprise-specific (ERP and CRM) software solutions achieve two major business goals. First, they can streamline operations in ways that before seemed impossible, and second, they can yield incredible business intelligence (BI) that senior management can use to make smart business decisions, eliminate guesswork and increase employee productivity.


Let our experts help you navigate through all stages of the process, producing the right solution… and at the right price. Our expertise includes;

Quality Development Process
Friendly UX/UI Design
Cost Effective Solutions
Unique and Customized Solutions

Software Development Services Glendale

Software Application Development Company Glendale

Software Application Development

Today, for many small businesses in the Glendale area, you must either find an off-the-shelf solution or build a custom solution, but off-the-shelf solutions can include numerous issues, especially in regard to who owns or controls the data produced.

At GlendaleBizz we know how to navigate the sometimes complex waters of software development. Each project, after completing our discovery process, goes through six phases. These include requirement gathering, concept, designing a prototype or MVP, testing, deployment, and finally, integration. We use all the latest technologies as part of the development process. Some of these include Xamarin, Xcode 12, Xcode 13, Mobile Roadie, and flutter, but these are just a few of the many available options.

Software Development Company Glendale

Product Development

For many of our projects, clients hire GlendaleBizz to accomplish two possible outcomes; either to develop a brand new tech that’s never been available in the marketplace, or to take an already existing technology, in any one of numerous forms, and add or redesign functionality and improvements for their specific business. This is only achievable for customized solutions.  Developing software, following our model of development, allows our customers the ability to add and develop functionality and features that otherwise would have never been possible.

Software Development Glendale

Custom Software Development

How will your new software perform and what will the type of demand will it produce?  Maybe you are an insurance company looking to expand your market into a new segment, or maybe you are a construction company that needs to streamline crews in the field.  Whatever the reasons, we understand the importance of what you need.  You wouldn’t be reading this content right now if you didn’t have a project in mind.  We understand that every company has specialized requirements and needs.  What works for one usually doesn’t work for another.  Regardless of the solution needed, we get it. Every company is unique. What works for one company doesn’t necessarily work for another. That is why, at GlendaleBizz, we spend the time needed, at the beginning, to discover all facets of your project’s end-goal, including the engineering, stakeholder meetings, reporting needs, and all the other considerations that must be carefully considered with every project effort.

Enterprise Software Development Company Glendale

Enterprise Resource Planning Software Development

Enterprise Resource Planning, or (ERP) software, is an encompassing software solution, often referred to as “mission-critical” software, is exactly that. It’s software that is so critical, that a company cannot run without it. It can include everything from day-to-day activities, reporting, procurement, project management, risk assessment, local, state, and federal compliance standards, ISO 9001 management, and on and on the list goes.

We’ve had clients report incredible YOY yields, from 100% to over 500% growth. We’ve even had clients whose companies have been purchase outright, either to purchase our clients’ software technology, take them out of the marketplace because of their competitive advantage, or in some cases, both. Are you ready for your custom ERP solution? If you answered yes, give us a call. We would love to talk more.

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