Blackbeard Coastal Adventures

Blackbeard Coastal Adventures is a prototype application designed to provide boat cruises, captivating whale watching experiences, and unforgettable sailing ship adventures.


About Project

Blackbeard Coastal Adventures is a software-prototyped e-commerce application designed to offer boat cruises, captivating whale-watching experiences, and unforgettable sailing ship adventures. This advanced pioneering CRM platform simplifies the planning and execution process, enabling consumers to effortlessly register and experience maritime boat adventures from a few hours to 4 days at sea.  From managing a fleet of four large sailing ships, to optimizing cruise routes to projecting costs and timelines, Blackbeard Coastal Adventures' state-of-the-art technology was prototyped to provide beautifully timed, nautical adventures and sailing ship excursions.


  • Easy Tour Selection: Effortlessly browse and choose from a wide range of boat cruises, whale watching experiences, and sailing ship adventures.
  • Real-time Availability: Instantly check tour availability for prompt booking decisions.
  • Seamless Reservations: Streamlined process for selecting dates, customizing experiences, and completing bookings with ease.
  • Dynamic Pricing: Flexible pricing options and customizable packages to cater to individual preferences and budgets.

Web Application Screenshot