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Based in the beautiful golden state of Arizona, GlendaleBizz is your single best choice for your company’s web presence. We have customers across Glendale, Arizona, and we’re just getting started. Keep reading to learn more or give us a call to launch your next great Glendale project.

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The first impression is also your last. Today, we live in seconds, not minutes. That said, when someone lands on your website, you have one second, literally, to capture their attention, and if you capture the first second, you can then have a moment to capture another moment, and with stellar content, capture a few more minutes of their time. That’s what good web design does.


We have worked with a wide array of small businesses across Arizona, and a few big companies along the way, as well. Our sweet spot is working with companies that employ up to 200 employees, and we love working with companies in the B2b, hospitality, hotel, manufacturing, medical and dental, biomed, construction, real estate and business brokerages, property management, appraisal, logistics, and healthcare sectors.


Our web design group offers a wide assortment of web design, development, mock-ups, prototyping, MVP, and creative web solutions to help make that all-important first introductory handshake the first time a visitor arrives at your site. Every project at GlendaleBizz includes a project manager, design architect, UX/UI consultant, expert coder, and whenever needed, professional content writing services.


Let our Glendale team of experts help you complete the process to ensure that obstacles and problems never have a chance. Our strengths include;

Insightful Professionals
Current with Latest Tech Tools
Quality Development Processes
Stellar Research
Friendly UX/UI Design
On-Demand Delivery
Cost Effective Solutions
Customized Solutions

Web Design Services

Website Design Glendale

Website Development

GlendaleBizz creates high-performing and functional websites and web CRM’s using cutting-edge programming processes across numerous platforms. These include WordPress, AngularJS, PHP, ASP.Net, HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3, as well as platform development tools, such as Magento, WordPress, and Joomla. By using these state-of-the-art tools, as well as investing properly in the site’s infrastructure and business goals, we can help you maximize your company’s investment, provide better content management control as well as simultaneously improve your customer’s site experience.

Web Design Glendale

e-Commerce Web Design

The volume of e-Commerce growth in the current decade will rise in direct proportion to the fall of brick-and-mortar stores, regional malls, and strip centers, and the reason is simple. Shopping online is faster, easier, saves fuel, and causes less wear and tear on your family car. It doesn’t mean we miss going out shopping, people watching, and spending time with the family, it just means we’re willing to do it far less often as e-Commerce growth continues to explode in growth.

At GlendaleBizz, we meticulously examine each e-Commerce project to determine the best, most cost-efficient path. Whether your goal is integrating with an Amazon Store, building a solution from scratch, or patching API’s with an existing platform, we will work with you and your stakeholders to ensure (a) that your e-Commerce store has less-than-a-second response time (regardless of the page size) and (b) that the ordering process, when complete, produces a level of confidence in the consumer’s mind that is never forgotten.

Website Design Company Glendale

Mobile App Design

Mobile has been replaced with “smart”. Today, it’s not enough to just think about a mobile app. You have to consider “smart” technology and how your apps will output across a number of device types, whether computers, iPads, smartphones, and the increased use of smartwatches, or as we say in the industry, creating a solution that is device agnostic. With GlendaleBizz standing by your side, we will work with you and your team to identify the right solution that meets your needs, as well as your customers’ and employees’ needs, that fulfill your project goals.

Glendale Web Design

Prototyping and Wireframing

It takes a special mindset to create prototypes and wireframes. This is because the person creating the wireframes has to understand width elements, how they interact across different device types, as well as what elements will be impacted most, and where, as a result, they should go. At GlendaleBizz, we believe that an iterative approach is best, and we should know… we’ve produced somewhere between 35,000 and 40,000 wireframes for hundreds of projects, for hundreds of application systems, databases, mobile apps, and yes, even smartwatches.

Glendale Website Design Company

Logo and Graphic Design

At GlendaleBizz, we believe that a company logo is as important to a business owner as picking out a wedding ring for a soon to be married couple. It’s very personal and very important. As GlendaleBizz, our philosophy regarding logos can be summarized in three words: “clean”, “memorable” and “Simple”. When you hire GlendaleBizz to help you craft your company’s logo, we take a very personal approach to your logo. We also ask some important questions. Does your logo convey what you do without words?  Are your logo’s colors warm and rich or bold and loud? Does it need to be printer friendly? Does it scale correctly, whether for a business card or a 30-foot wide trade show marque? At GlendaleBizz, we take these and many other questions to heart in designing that “just perfect” logo you are looking for.

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