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GlendaleBizz is a custom web, mobile, and software development company. We help small businesses overcome challenging technology business problems.


Web-based, Mobile and Software Development Company

Serving all of Glendale, Arizona and Maricopa County, GlendaleBizz is a custom mobile, web, software, database, and cloud-based software development company. We specialize and work exclusively with small businesses with less than 200 employees. From everything B2b, medical, bio-medical, and construction, to real estate, dental, logistics, insurance, financial, and all points in between, GlendaleBizz has the business acumen, experience, and team to take your business to the upper tiers. It’s what we do.

Our Services

Providing Business Growth Strategies for Businesses across Glendale

GlendaleBizz delivers the for four "C's" of technology, those being communications, critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity. We meet with your stakeholders, remotely, and unravel the complexities of your business into clear, deliverable programming and business requirements, and we do all of this with the four C's top-of-mind. We then develop and release your mission-critical software so your business can lower labor costs, increase productivity and strengthen your ROI... the life sources that keeps all businesses well funded and operating, as well as maintaining profitability for you, your stakeholders, and your employees.

Top Software Development Company In Glendale, Arizona


GlendaleBizz utilizes the Microsoft and Open Source frameworks for all of our custom software applications.

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Top Mobile App Development Company In Glendale, AZ

MobileApp Development

Whether your cross-platform project requires development across Xamarin, Flutter or React Native.

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Web Design Glendale


Half art, half marketing, and yes, half programming, we produce beautifully designed and functional websites that deliver at 150%.

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Web Development Glendale


Web Development today is able to deliver 100 times the functional punch of web applications just ten years ago.

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Digital Marketing Glendale


There is a 99.1% chance that the reason you reading this text right now is because of (SEO) we executed a year…

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Wireframing & Prototyping Glendale

Wireframing& Prototyping

Large or small, we offer prototyping, wireframing, and UX/UI architectural development services that deliver.

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custom software

Custom Software Development Glendale

It’s about the opportunity! At GlendaleBizz, we help you and your company design and develop custom solutions using the latest web, mobile app, and custom software solutions to provide your company with the opportunity to grow your market and surpass the competition in your market niche.

GlendaleBizz offers customers our proprietary six-step development model that we have spent nearly two decades perfecting.

Custom software development has changed the marketplace, forever. Today, with the right technology partner standing with you, you can provide your customers, vendors, employees, and stakeholders with the tools they need to place orders more quickly, deliver services, and/or ship products seamlessly without an issue.

Our architects, PM’s, and developers, many with more than a decade of experience, know when and what questions to ask. Using robust tools like secure GotoMeeting, Trello boards, and proprietary UX/UI development tools, we can design to the pixel level. We also provide daily, weekly, and bi-weekly development updates, making our communications beyond compare.

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Custom Software Development Services

Serving a five-county area, GlendaleBizz provides critical technology services including web design and development, custom mobile development using tools like React Native, Flutter, and Xamarin. We also provide Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for companies in the medical, financial, and B2b market segment. On the custom software front for mobile, we are experts with Android, iOS (Xcode), and Microsoft Windows (for mobile). For well qualified and established businesses with at least three years of tax returns and P&L’s, we provide assistance using our lending resources for projects requiring less than $250K in investment, and for projects above this mark, we offer introductions to private lending firms already vetted and able to assist our clients with their funding requirements.

Throughout 2020 and for the rest of this decade, the global pandemic, and its impact on the world, changed the course of history for small businesses for decades to come. As a result, many business owners are considering how to automate their businesses in ways they may have otherwise never considered before, including the use of custom software, web, and mobile solutions.

Why businesses are investing in custom software?

It comes down to three options. A small business can either (1) use “off-the-shelf” software like Microsoft Office or Google Sheets, (2) use a third-party subscription service or (3) design and build a custom solution so they can control not only how the software works, but the data it produces, forever. Given that “data” is the oil of the 22nd century, they who manage (or own) the data, win. Which solution is best for your business?


Mobile App Development

The growth of mobile in recent months has exploded in demand. There are two reasons for the shift. The first, which needs no explanation, is the pandemic of 2020. Second is the rapid expansion and initial rollout of 5G technology. 5G is going to revolutionize mobile software, both in functionality and reach. The communication speed of 5G is going to eclipse 4G a thousand fold, and it will forever change how businesses, employees and consumers will forever utilize their smart devices. At GlendaleBizz, we understand this coming wave... and how to capitalize on its capabilities. We have expert architects, developers, programmers and PM's with the business savvy and hands-on experience needed to ensure your project specifications are fulfilled exactly as required.


Conceptualization & Wireframes

You would not dream of hiring a general contractor to build you a custom home without a complete set of floorplans, right? Software is no different.


UX/UI Design & Development

Function is what keeps visitors, employees, and customers on your site. Beauty is what gets them there. Our creative team provides both the UX and UI design required for your unique business.


Development & Source Coding

Development and Integration are so much more than 'just' coding. There's UX/UI, Quality Assurance (QA), User Acceptance Testing (UAT), sign-off, staging, hosting, and deployment.


Data Synchronization

Understanding satellite connectivity and cell tower triangulation, as well as online and offline storage functionality, are just a few of the elements that must be considered in developing a data synchronization strategy for your mobile project.


UAT Testing

Custom software is useless if it does not exceed all users’ expectations. That is why, at every stage of your project, we provide you and your team a fully functional staging environment so you can judge for yourself.



Apple and Google are continually changing their OS platforms. At GlendaleBizz, we monitor changes daily, and when required, we update your mobile apps to ensure they are running smoothly all the time.

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